Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hello all! I think things are looking up. I know I have not done any outfit posts lately, but I will start again soon! I was just thristing and found two great items! One is a faux croc brief case and the other is a small brown leather shoulder strapped saddle bag. I just got them a minute ago so I will take pictures when I get home and have them posted tomorrow.
There may be no room in this blog for political views, but does anyone agree with what happened to the celebration of Wolfe's 250th birthday on Wolfe Island? Can you believe that it was cancelled because it was deemed anti-French? Are they serious? I really think that this French vs. English charade has gone too far. This was a historic event and something that actually happened. By celebrating Wolfe's birthday we are celebrating the man, we are not celebrating just because the French were defeated in that battle. This celebration had been planned for 3 years and because of the whining that got it cancelled, it makes me want to celebrate the English victory over the French...I don't think it is fair that the government allows for things like this to happen. I feel like I am personally being stepped on all the time by French government interest. I do not think the government would jump to my aid if I said that my rights as an English speaking Canadian have been infringed by government policy.
This has spurred me on to fight for English rights and stand up for the French policy that is being crammed down our throats. I hold nothing against French people or their culture because I have several French friends, but I do have problems with the government pushing their French agenda...I am mad because I have been dealing with this for 5 years living in Ottawa.
...thoughts? Have you been impacted by French or English government policy?
After that tyrade, here is a nice picture :)


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