Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Think, Therefore..

I was in Toronto this past week because I had a meeting downtown. While there, I did some poking around. I was on Bloor and Young for my meeting, so I had to stop in at Holt Renfrew. I have never been in one before and was just floored by the clothing, shoes, bags and accessories! If you ever just want to be treated like someone of importance, definitely go to Holt once, they are crazy. After waltzing through the perfume department and ascending the escalator to the second floor, a beautiful array of clothing was revealed to me. I wandered over to the first display, swinging through the rack, and to my surprise and delight, it was Alexander McQueen! I was a little ecstatic to say the least. Although he doesn't design/make anything I have personally found to wear he is still one of my favourite designers.
I poked around some more, found a fabulous selection of shoes, anyone from Chloe to Prada to Louis Vuitton were all there. I climbed the stairs to the third floor and may I just say, Diana Von Furstenberg has some amazing pieces. I couldn't resist trying on some things which I took pictures of and will post soon. On my way out I walked through the bag section and fell in love with a Valentino bag and also a Christian Louboutin bag. I didn't know that CL made bags. Anyway, pictures coming soon! Hope you are all having a great weekend!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. YUP me too, would really like to see the pics.

    One Love,

  3. pictures pictures... hope you're having a great weekend too.



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