Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sleeping Caps and Vintage Hats

Last week le family and I went antiquing in the Picton area, and came across a fantastic vintage store! Unfortunately it wasn't open at time and all I could do was drool and fog up their window. Well, today being a do nothing day I ventured to Belleville and spend at least 1.5 hours in the place. It is the most incredible and affordable vintage store I have ever been in. All the clothing and accessories are in perfect condition and the variety is staggering. There was a whole wall dedicated to hats! The furs, the shoes, the gloves!




aren't these gloves incredible!? ($28)



Amazing dress! ($80)

I couldn't leave without picking up a jem or two. I ended up getting 2 vintage hats. One with mink fur and beaver. On the fur debate, I do not buy new fur, but I will wear older vintage pieces. The woman from the gallery was amazing! She kept getting me to try on hats, and I loved them all. She took my number just in case she needs a model for them. Neat!




  1. Love those hats... I agree with the fur thing, I'll also wear fur as long as it's vintage or else I'll stick with faux.

  2. I adore that last dress and both of those hats! So fab!

  3. Hats such as fur hats and caps were much more in use in the past but it doesn't mean that they have come to loose their status in the present times. They are still used for protection, religious and medical purpose, as a symbol of status or office, as a part of social convention and even for hiding baldness.



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