Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas Charols and Cardigans

Phew, it was a busy weekend and a sickly one. I wasn't feeling that great but my brother and his girlfriend came down from Toronto for a visit. I was pondering life and getting older over the weekend and thought I would share a thought...Isn't it interesting how so many things change around you as you grow up? Using my brothers life as an example, he used to come home and stay when he was in school because my parents place was still his home, then he came home often for weekends after he got a place and job in Toronto, and now it is infrequent and doesn't come by himself. He is now a "we" not an "I". Now holidays are different, you don't feel as close any more...When you're young you always know and expect growing up to happen, but when it does, the day to day you knew for most of your life is suddenly different. I am one of those people who likes consistency in the world and I'm eagerly anticipating mine to settle down.
Anywho, I was out with a friend for shopping and supper last week, and bought this little cardigan that I think is so special. It is the boyfriend cardigan style which I have always loved and finally have one myself.




Wearing: Necklace: custom made Sworovski cluster; Cardigan: Pure by Alfred Sung; Top: Banana Republic; Jeans: my go-to;

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  1. Love the cardigan...I was saying in one of my blog post, what is it about boyfriends nowadays? We have the boyfriend jeans, boyfriend blazer, boyfriend cardigan, boyfriend watches.



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