Friday, November 20, 2009


I signed up for a stained glass lesson! I have never really had a desire to make stained glass, but I think this will be really intersting. There is a little shop up the road from my house that gives the lessons. Wonderful people, the place is called The Glass House if you want to look it up.
Also, I have taken up drawing in my spair time. I take memorable runway looks and sketch them for myself. I like having art on my walls that I've made myself.
Here is a Louis Vuitton Spring 2009


louis vuiton spring 09

Here is Giles Deacon Spring 2010


Giles Deacon Spring 2010 RTW

I think I'll have to fix the face on the Giles one though, I'm not really happy with it.

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  1. I wish I can sketch as good as you. I can only sketch using photoshop. Hahaha!



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