Friday, November 6, 2009

T. Dot

I'm in Toronto again. I have been staying at the Sheradon which is why I haven't been blogging lately. You would think that for the price you have to pay here every night, that wireless internet would be free, but no it is $17 for 24 hours to have it in your room. Bogas I think. Anyway, I have had a big walk around the streets of Toronto today. I had breakfast at this little place called Jave on Augusta and Queen St W. For $4.25 you can have eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, salad and toast. It was tasty. :)
Oh, and last night, le bf came down to visit me for our date night, we have one every Thursday, usually over the phone because we live in different cities. He got here at about 7:30-8pm so we just ran across the street and grabbed some street meat, then went up to my hotel room and talked while eating Italian sausages and fries covered in Ketchup. Yummm...
Train back home at 6:30

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