Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boots Boots Boots

I am obsessed with walking boots. I see them everywhere, I have been shopping in numerous stores and malls, but have yet to find the perfect walking boots! It is frustrating. I went into this one store called Joneve and they had some incredible shoes although not in my size. I wish I was something smaller than an 8/9 because these sizes are usually not available.

I want these Steve Maddens:

but have these on hold for me at ALDO to try on tomorrow:

They are a different style than I am used to and that everyone else is used to seeing me in, but something about them has just pulled me in. I think they are fabulous and hope they feel fabulous tomorrow!

ALDO boots: $140


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  2. love those studded aldo ones. and as for your question, i upload my pictures to flickr instead of straight to blogger, and then when viewing the picture on flickr theres a button that says "all sizes" and it gives you the html code for the picture in different sizes and i just always use large.



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