Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Her Name Was Kiwi

Well, after losing the ability to use her hind leg 2 weeks ago, my baby was put to rest yesterday morning after a trip to the vet. She was 7 human years old which made her 105 bunny years old. What hurts the most is that she was bright and ate well, but just could not move much. She was supposed to come and live with me once I graduated, which is only 5 months from now. The secretaries at the vet loved her, and so did everyone else that came to our house. I am happy that I went home last Saturday just to see her because I knew it might be the last time. Here are some pictures of her.

It is strange to sit and think about death, but on the rare occasions that our lives are impacted by it, you can't help but think about it. The one thing that is hard to wrap my mind around or accept is that she is gone. Just like when loved ones die, this soul is gone forever and I will never meet anyone that is exactly like her for as long as I live. Her life, our memories and her personality disappeared when she died and ony live on through me. She will not hop throught the Christmas wrapping paper this year either. If it is true that there is something after death, I will not see her again for at least 50 years which is a very long time to wait. Like my grandmother, I cannot believe I won't speak to her ever again. I thought of getting another animal but you know that things can help with the hurt but nothing will replace her. So go and hug your animals because they are amazing and bring us so much joy. You don't know how long they will be with you, and we usually take them for granted, so let them know you love them.

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