Friday, November 7, 2008

Life and Work Balance

I attended an ELLE event about the Balance of Life and Work which was put on by a friend of mine last night. It was the usual business management gathering of financial employers and mix of students all socializing over wine and cheese. It was fun, I got to talk to some friends who no longer attend the University but were surprisingly at the event. I can honestly say that as the evening progressed I did not expect much, especially not a guest speaker that almost brought me to tears with her speach. Heather, the guest speaker, was a chartered accountant who quite her job, moved to India and moved back to start her own Yoga studio. Even though she did not like public speaking, you could tell that she was calm, poised and centered. She was telling us that there should not be this separation between work life and home life. If you love what you do it should be in all aspects of your life. Success to her was finding happiness in your job and loving it. It is hard not to get overwhelmed when someone is talking about their passions in life.
Her speach made me emotional because everything that she was saying about loving your job and wanting to connect with people is everything I want out of a career. I want a job that makes me want to work. I would love to make clothing that made people feel fabulous, or bring clothes to the arket that did the same thing. I have not found my passion in life even though I have been searching really hard for the past few months. They say things come along when you aren't looking for them, but I cannot wait to find something that I will love doing for the rest of my life. I know that I was born to be an entrepreneur or at least work in the fashion industry. I have thought about being a buyer, merchandiser or fashion designer. I will have a marketing degree in 5 months but still no skills for the fashion industry. I know fabric, can sew clothing, can spot trends and have good fashion sense, but have no degrees or proof to show anyone.

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