Monday, November 17, 2008

Sans les boots

Well I didn't get any boots today (they put the wrong size on hold) but I did go semi Christmas shopping! I am set on getting my mom some fbulous clothes for Christmas, so I am trying on things in my size that I want to get her. You know, things that hide the tummy and cover the arm. Anyway, I think I am going to go with a wonderful black knee length coat for one of her presents. It is very elegant. But while shopping, I had to spend a gift certificate that has been burning a hole in my purse for about a year!

I popped over to AE and bought this!

pretty awesome hat. I also picked these up. A short sleeved beige sweater and a burgundy sweater dress. I spent too much on myself today!

close up:Hat: AE $37 beige sweater: $37 Sweater dress: Buffalo $68



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