Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Check out the Ambition

So of course I am just starting into exams and am freaking out and getting wrestless. I tend to put things off when I really should be doing them aka studying, and here is my distraction. I have been trying to make myself a dress FROM SCRATCH! I am not using a pattern which is pretty insane since I haven't even made that many pieces of clothing. Even with a pattern. I know this probably won't work but I think I will learn a bit along the way so it is a good learning experience.

Ignore the skirt part, I just threw the fabric around the bottom so you would get the idea of what I want it to look like. The skirt wil be shorter and fuller. That is the fabric colour I want to use which is why I put it on there for perspective reasons. I have done more on it since this picture was taken, but ony the lining so it still looks the same.

I have an aweful time trying to find things in store I want to wear. I usualy have a clear cut image in my mind of what I want but can never never find it. Then months later I see other people wearing what I wanted to and meanwhile I never got to wear it in the first place. So I figure, if I can learn to sew and make my own clothes, I can wear things when I want to and not have to wait till the trend comes and goes.

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