Thursday, March 5, 2009

D Squared

The new collection from Dean and Dan is obviously the important girl on the go with Starbucks in hand. This is my usual Monday - Friday so I can relate to this very much! The reason why I am enamoured with this collection, not just because it is created by two Canadians, but because of all the layers. To me it looks like a Mary-Kate and Ashley inspired collection. They have been doing the layered thing for a long while now. In this collection there are so many great pieces that you could take away and mix with your own clothing. Here are four of my favourites from the show. The top two I would wear as is, and I would take the red crushed velvet blazer from the girl on the bottom left and the slouchy hat from the right.

As a woman who loves her Starbucks, I would be tempted to drink the slushy drinks in hand but I'm sure the models were thinking "OMG, there are like 200 calories in this thing". No offence to models! lol, I wish my body was more slender, but I have to eat my 1200 calories a day and my body has determined what size it likes to be.

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  1. i love this collection! very mary kate. i added you to my blogroll! xo



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