Monday, March 2, 2009

Why I'm Excited for Tomorrow

I am excited because there is an episode of Project Runway season 2 on at 10pm. I was kind of bored with the last American season of Project Runway. You would think that with a country of over 30 million people they could find some really amazing amazing designers. I believe that Christian very much deserved winning that season, his clothing and tailoring were beyond exceptional! He even got Victoria Beckham to laugh for freak sake. Oh, and I also loved Jeffery, he brought something funky and original to the show. But for this season of PR Canada, I think there is a clear winner, Sunny! I was wowed by his first dress with the applique star burst and even more so by the L'Oreal competition dress. I like him even more because he hasn't had a crying fit or nervous break down like many of the other designers. It is not to say that he won't, but I like that he can get all of his stuff done on time without the water works. I would love to see his final collection. He does great at meeting challenges, but I want to see him doing something that is entirely his own. I think it would be amazing in design and tailoring. Over all though, I think that Biddell was my all time favourite character. "It's Biddell bitch". He was an ass at times, but there was something lovable about him. I was extremely happy he won. I am still waiting for his collaboration at Winners. I was there the other day and only saw recyclable bags by him.
Ciao for now!

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