Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stretching a budget

Because I am nearing the end of school and have not had a job in the last 7 months, I am trying to stretch my budget. I looked at my closet last night and tried to see if I could make some cute spring outfits out of my new and old clothes. I really adore my thrifted belt, so I wanted that to be my focal point. I think the top right outift I could do tea or an afternoon at le bf's parents place. The top right I could see myself shop or do lunch, and the bottom left I could cruise the market here in. I think the bottom right looks a little more streamline somehow and could be decent to wear walking about in the evening. I would need a cardigan for a dinner though, I don't like to show my arms at nice restaurants.
I have definitely felt the impact of this recession on my finances, I haven't ventured to look at my savings for a long long time. Right now, like most people, I am just trying to cruise. I look forward to figuring out what I want to do with my life and investing in some nice work clothes for that!
Top left: skirt:Smart Set, Top Right: Jeans Jacob Connection, Bottom Left: skirt: Smart Set, Bottom Right: jeans: RW&Co. All: belt: thrifted, cardigan: charlotte russ, tank: Hollister

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