Monday, March 9, 2009

Hello Vic

I went home this weekend and saw le bf and my family. He came with my Valentine's present which was the style book co written by Victoria Beckham about all her style secrets and rules she applies to clothing. I tore into it and am almost done. It is good for the most part, telling of how she puts outfits together and places to shop for different items. I had no idea that she THRIFTED! of course it is in the best stores, but the thought of VB wearing something someone else had wore was something that never crossed my mind. It made me like her even more I think. She really likes a vintage store in NY called "What Comes Around Goes Around".
On the negative side of the book, I don't like how she constantly tries to talk about not having enough money to buy things or "if you can afford it you should...". She is on another financial playing field than most of us so her trying to relate to me isn't really easy. Apparently she was middle classish before the Spice Girls started. Other than that little annoyance, I think the book is great and I love the pictures throughout. I would recommend it for the tips and shops lists.

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