Monday, March 23, 2009

Support Local Designers

Jewelry by Mizdragonfly.

When you think of a fashion capital, New York probably comes to mind and maybe even Montreal or Toronto, but not Ottawa. When I think of Ottawa I think of a government capital, a place where the French and English collide. However, Ottawa does have some great little boutiques holding gems from local Canadian designers. The best part about it is that they have all clustered together on the same street. If you are in the Ottawa area, come to Dalhousie St. and peruse shops like Victoire. I have to say this store is one of my favourites! Just the layout and creative detailing is amazing. You can find Canadian designers like Eve Gavel and Mizdragonfly there as well. Further along on Dalhousie, you will also find Milk and Workshop Studio & Boutique. But be warned, most stores on Dalhousie close at 6 so make sure you go early!

The jewelry designs seen above were created by the amazing Karine Eyamie. I met the designer for Mizdragonfly at Capital Fashion Week and I can say that I was completely taken with her designs! It is so different and original. I would almost wear every piece! I just love oversized dinner rings and chunky necklaces. I just had a gander at her website and her spring '09 collection is out!
You can also check out more of her designs at her Etsy shop.


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  2. Thank you for your well-written post featuring my jewellery! xo



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