Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rolled Cuffs

I can honestly say, I am not really one for the rolled cuff trend. Maybe it is because I have wider hips and do not feel that I can pull it off, but I feel it looks wrong and dated. I think that this trend is very hard to pull off and very easy to do wrong. And if you are wrong, you just look sloppy. Katie Holmes has to be the one celebrity who does this look constantly. I don't mind it most of the time, but certain jeans make her thighs look very big (second from left), but I know she is a skinny little thing!
There are two different types of the rolled cuff; we have baggy boyfriend jeans and the snugger fit ones. I am more for the snug than big ol' clown pants. Baggy rolled up jeans are making celebs thighs look big, and the roll is cutting off the length of their leg which makes them look stubby.
Wrong way to do rolled cuffs: If wearing baggy rolled cuffs, be sure not to wear a baggy shirt as well. If you do this your actual size and shape is hidden and you will look much bigger than you naturally are.
Right way: make sure your top is fitted or you have a belted waist. And ALWAYS ALWAYS wear heels! this will lessen the stubby effect.
As for the tighter jeans, these have more potential for looking better. roll'em up and grab a high pair of boots and this can look very chic.
Good example:
She always has creative outfits.


  1. i think rolled cuffs are so cute for a nice spring day with flats, i cant wait til it gets warm!

    and about the shredded tshirt, i just cut off the hems and started picking at the strings with a seam ripper, it takes a reallllly long time

  2. i really like rolled cuffs - wearing them right now, in fact! - but i agree that you shouldn't roll the cuffs on super baggy jeans, it just looks sloppy.



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