Monday, August 18, 2008

Exciting News!

You know how a few posts ago I was talking about being restless and feeling like I am wasting my time by not doing anything productive? Well, BIG NEWS! Le bf and I went to the flea market that he used to work at on Sunday to say hi to his former boss. Turns out his ex-boss wants him to work a shift this coming Sunday and guess what? He's going to take some of my seatbelt belts! You have to start somewhere right? I have also just set up my Etsy account and am going to start adding belts this week. They will be 15$ plus shipping. I am excited to be getting back in the groove. Plus, le bf said that he wants to come searching through wreck yards with me to find more buckles! That is great because it is something I wouldn't do alone.
The only problem with these belts is the difficulty in finding proper buckles. These chrome buckles are becoming rare because car companies are installing plastic buckles instead of the old chrome ones. To ad to the difficulty, I can't be choosy with the buckles because there aren't that many to choose from as a lot of the old cars are being boxed up (crushed) and disposed of.
This little craft project won't last too long, but it will be fun! I have the belt webbing in lime green, the pink above (thinner webbing), pumpkin orange, turquoise, black,. red and lemon yellow. This as well as different kinds of buckles. The store that sold the pink, green and yellow webbings has closed so I can't get the material any longer. When I run out of those the belts will be offered in different colours.


  1. that's super exciting!!! how awesome for your belt buckles. I acutally have a belt buckle that I got at a thrift store once, but they're probably not as cool as yours :D

    I'm so jealous that you got to see wicked!! Makes me green with I've linked you back :)

  2. those belts are so cool and creative!



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