Thursday, August 14, 2008

It was WICKED!

Last night I attended the opening night of WICKED in Ottawa. It was the first musical I have ever seen and blew away my expectations! I knew what WICKED was about from listening to the CD, but to see it live was incredible. I wasn't expecting it to be HILARIOUS. The actress that played Glinda the good was awesome. She reminded me of the blond on SNL who was all jerky and her voice would garble. The tics were soooo funny.

Aside from her performance, the set was beautiful and incredible. So many things coming in and out of each scene and the colours, wow. The singing was incredible as well. The only things that I felt needed improvement in the whole thing was Elphaba's voice. It wasn't as strong as the other characters, she just couldn't hit the high notes. I think her sister, the wicked witch of the East could have played a good Elphaba, her voice can amazing.

One thing I was very surprised with and happy for was the costumes. They were done very well.Very intricate and all different. I would love to be involved in a production like this either dancing on stage or helping with costume design this was a spectacular show and I almost lost it at the end when we were giving the actors a standing ovation. I would go and see it every night that it is in Ottawa if the tickets weren't so expensive. If you have the chance, you must see this show!

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