Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Store Called Gascoigne

I have been very restless lately. My brain has been running non-stop trying to think of something to do. I have been feeling like I am wasting my life by not contributing or doing anything of real importance. I have been in a constant search for a while now for something to create. I know that I have a longing to make and sell things, but what, I have not come up with yet. I have always loved making things for people. Ever since I was little I would make things and give them away because I loved that people loved getting things that are special.
This all started with my EBAY account where I sold seatbelt belts from 2000 up till I went away to University in 2004. I loved crawling through car wreck yards to cut seatbelt buckles out of vehicles, clean and polish them and then make belts for people. I still have a stash of buckles and webbing and am going to start making the last of my inventory. They will be sold in the Etsy store I am creating with the user name gascoin.
On to the store called Gascoigne! Since I love fashion, I have come to a happy decision, with the help of le bf, that I want to open a store where I will sell clothing by local designers. It is so hard for people to get there wears sold, and there are some very unique and talented people out there. I have not decided where will be, probably start in Ottawa maybe then move to TO then NYC? don't know! a world of possibilities!
Any advice? I am new to all this, it is a bit different than selling things on the Internet!

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