Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Roberto My Hero!

I read it and I couldn't believe it! Roberto Cavalli has said what I have wished other designers would take to heart:

"There are thousands of models like all the other thousands of models. Naomi Campbell is the same. For me, models are just pieces of wood that I carve to make clothes look beautiful"

I know that this was initially targeted about Kate Moss, of whom I love her clothing style, but about the modeling world it is true. This quote which is for all the Janis Dickinson's who demanded higher salaries than the rest of the models were being paid. It is for Naomi Campbell's raging and uncontrollable temper. Do not get me wrong, I am not bitter towards models with my 5'4 134lb stature. I love Victoria's Secret shows (and Brazilian shows) with girls, although still pretty thin, who still have some junk in their trunks. I think it is because Victoria's Secret realizes that men like that, and women identify with it which makes VS very successful. Not to mention the stunning models. VS is like Hooters for models. Only those with the package can get the gig, experience not required.

But the size negative zero runway models that strut down the catwalk can be replaced by another size zero. There are a ton of fresh faced girls in modeling agencies waiting to be discovered, and don't have the hefty price tags. Runway is not about the facial beauty of the model like say VS is. It is about a body that can slink down the runway like a walking clothes hanger to shocase clothing. Often faces are painted or shrowded to conceal as not to take peoples eyes away from the clothing.

I watch a lot of runway shows every season and some of these girls are scary thin and don't seem to be using there big bucks to eat. I do not think it is right or fair for someone to think they are the best clothes hanger and demand high prices, so yay to Roberto for speaking his mind!

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