Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hiding Behind Big Sunglasses

I love huge sunglasses. The bigger the better. I feel very powerful, mischevious and sexy while I'm wearing them. It doesn't matter what I look like or how I am feeling, wearing my huge glasses makes me feel like I can go anywhere and that everyone is looking at me, and wondering who I am. They have a sense of power attached to them when it comes to me.
If you're reading this you may think that it seems kind of strange, but I think other girls feel the same way. Something about them makes me happy. I find power in my glasses. Not a superhero power, but a confidence power. They are my disguise. If I do not like the way my hair or my outfit look I feel as though as long as I am wearing my sunglasses I can go anywhere. They are my disguise. I know people recognize me in them, but it feels like they wouldn't (if it doesn't work for celebrities, it won't work for me). It is pretend, like I can go about my daily grind and those who know me wouldn't recognize me, and those who didn't would wonder who I was. I think I hide behind my glasses sometimes, but, to quote le bf, they are "chalked full of awesome".

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