Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fringe boots are the new Crocs

I am in love with most of this years trends, but I have seen fringe boots sneaking up for a while and am not happy they are popular now. Of course, because something is popular doesn't mean you have to wear it, and this is one trend I will definitely steer clear of. They just look grubby to me. They don't look polished and they definitely don't look hip or stylish. They are the new Crocs of the season. Not that Crocs were ever popular, just that people seem to think they go with everything but they are actually really ugly.

The only thing that I can find that is swallow able in this trend is the shoe put out by Victoria's Secret:
It is sexy, cute and fun without the Gody mop fringe detailing hanging from the top of a boot. They have toned that way down. I just do not see what is so appealing about these:
They remind me of a fuzzy fringy Ugg boot (which I loved). Maybe the appeal was everyone knew that Ugg's were expensive so it was something to own a pair. But these new boots have not been distinguished who is the market leader, so we haven't put a price tag to them. I'm sure that as soon as we figure out which brand is more pricey, consumers will oo and ah at those who wear them. It will become something for kids to ask their parents for for Christmas.
They just look cheap and gross to me. Damn you Lindsay Lohan whom I saw wearing these boots about a year ago. I will not condemn anyone for wearing them because everyone has their own style. Like someone would love to wear these, I would love to wear a nice leather knee high riding boot which are becoming popular for fall. There are some great examples at ALDO.

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