Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Judgement Day...The Sequal

So after my revelation about what I do and why when I am shopping, I took off to the mall after work for some needed shopping therapy. I got a gift certificate to ALDO at Christmas and haven't spent a penny of it yet, so I figured I should go and at least browse. I am dying for some cute red wine coloured boots anyway. Well I didn't end up with any boots, but I did end up with a killer orange purse! I will post pictures of it tomorrow. And I came to realize something else, I found that the sales clerks were actually very nice. I was my usual self and found that my sales assistants' style of humour was very similar to my own so I spent some time talking to her.
This all made me extremely happy, and now I just need to keep this up and eventually I can get over my fear of judgement. Yesterday was a big step for me because shopping alone is what always triggers my introverted behaviour. When I'm with someone else I am completely fine. I was extremely happy with my results and will be proud when I finally get over this fear.

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