Sunday, August 17, 2008

This Weekend

Well I went boutiquing and was out and about this weekend, but didn't find anything particularly striking in the area of clothing. I went boutiquing so that I might find something by a local designer that is original and special. I found some nice pieces, but nothing that really really caught my fancy. There was one nautical blazer that I thought was precious, and I might still go back and get. It was $88.
But the most amazing thing that happened this weekend, besides being my 9th month-aversary with le bf, was the sky! On Saturday night after leaving IKEA I saw the sky lit up with the strangest cloud. It was in the shape of a tornado, all wispy and calm. The first 2 were taken outside IKEA in the parking lot. The one below was taken a bit later on from le bf's apartment. I am completely in love with clouds and their formation, so although I didn't make any spectacular clothing finds or buys, I was happy that I had the chance to see these natural creations.

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