Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Beginnings

I want my child-like carefree life back. How do some people retain that into later life? I lost it a long time ago. Over the past 4 years I feel like I have lost a lot. With a few close relationships that have slowly died, it has brought down my confidence, independence and self assurance. But maybe I have no one to blame but myself. I have been blogging about feeling like I am wasting my time and having an inferiority complex, but I think I am starting a new. Over the past week I have started making my belts (as blogged about previously) and am feeling a bit better. I am finally doing something. I have always felt that people can do anything they want to do if they really want to do it. I always push people and support them when they tell me what their dream is, but do not take the advice. It is strange. I give all the support in the world away. But I do feel like I am climbing back on the horse. Soon I expect to be adding items to my Etsy account, gascoin.

I would also appreciate a little repre from life so that I can come back refreshed to face the music. Like my friend Yan says, "I need to start my new life" lol. I start school in a week and a half and I am exhausted. This weekend will be all about me relaxing, and doing things I don't ever do. I'm going to get together with a few friends, walk around Ottawa and walk across the bridge to Hull to the museum/IMAX. Just being relaxed with no distractions will be nice. I used to love being out and about by myself with no one slowing me down once in a while. Till Monday it is all about that! I will stop and smell the roses and try and post some pictures of my out-and-a-bout journey.

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