Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is Fashion Getting Tired? Or Inspired!

Through the years, women's shoes have become more and more inventive with the available materials that allow designers to have limitless freedoms in there creations. One of the most ingenious I have found is the folding heel which allows for a quick change between lower office to higher dinner heels. Those are inventive, but the focus of this blog is the not so recent trend in women's shoes. The trend of male shoes mascarading as female shoes is not recent because I have seen it progress over several years. The first time I noticed the feminine equivalent to men's shoes was several years ago in a J.Lo "Jenny from the Block" video. She was wearing Lugs boots with heels which I found to be outrageous and a must have! Maybe it was just because J.Lo was wearing them, but they were the sexiest boots I had ever seen (I was 18 at the time).

I do not believe that shoe designers are running out of ideas and grasping for inspiration in men's shoes. This has just become the new trend in ladies shoes. Since the J.Lo success, we have witnessed many other shoes converting to the feminine side. One example is the tuxedo shoe which grew a heel

and the classic men's dress shoe follow suit.

Whatever the reason for the recent explosion of the feminine take on men's shoes, we should all be glad for the increased choice to match our ever increasing closets (like we don't have choice enough!). The only people I feel bad for are the male population who are so limited in there selection of shoes. There has been more variety in recent years but I still get complaints from my guy friends when they talk about my shoe collection. Maybe shoe designers should reverse there focus and move towards men's shoes. I think we can give them the yellow stiletto ladies.

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