Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Which is More Important, Fashion or Style?

You may be thinking, "these are two halves of the same whole", but I disagree. To me the difference between fashion and style are trends and brand names. To be "in fashion" or "in vogue" we are wearing the latest trends and labels that are known to everyone via magazines, TV fashion news. We wear these fashions because everyone knows what they are, who they are made by, and, most importantly, how much they cost. Isn't that mainly the reason we are willing to paid outrageous prices for brand names or tiny prices for there identical imitations? It is because these products or "fashions" hold a certain status (only the rich can afford them) which is universally known. Why would you spend hundreds on a piece of clothing if no one known the amount you paid? Why not just head down to Forever 21 and get a Diane Von Furstenberg identical look alike for $20.99? The answer is, because we want everyone to know how successful we are or what kind of person we are. Isn't that the way our culture is going now? We envy the rich and the haves. We are obsessed with status symbols like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, or Prada. The semi-successful want Club Monaco, Guess or La Coste. Look inside your brand shirt right now, I bet it is made in Bangladesh, China or Turkey. Guess what? So are the clothes from Suzy Shier and Garage. Heck, they may even be made by the same supplier.

The stylish do not look to the most popular brands, they look for well made clothing. They follow the trends but not the obvious stand out labels. There choices consist of the current styles like high waisted pants, pencil skirts and large belts, but they are not blatent brands. Personally I don't need LV all over my purse, alligators on my shirts or DG on my glasses to feel good about what I am wearing. I am quite happy paying good money for clothing that will last for a long time, even if no one knows how much I paid for it.

Do not think that I am against brands, I own my share of Abercrombie, Jacob, Von Dutch, etc, but I choose my items carefully. I now choose clothing that looks great but you wouldn't know where it is from because it is not a giant billboard across my chest. I like different things and I don't like seeing my friend toting the same Louis Vuitton bags I just bought last week. It makes the whole experience of purchasing popular expensive brands unoriginal because everyone looks exactly like you. This current decade has been all about branding yourself and using brands as status symbols. I am predicting, and personally hoping, for the next decade a removal from people using themselves as free brand advertising and a move toward wearing clothes for the simple reason of them looking great on you, not because of what they say about you.

Comments? I'd love to hear them!


  1. style for sure! i guess some people may buy designer clothes for the quality cause lets face it forever21 doesnt use the most high class stuff but im so fickle with my clothes i could never imagine paying hundreds of dollars for something that i wouldnt wear after a month

  2. While I would like to say that I will always choose to be stylish over being fashionable, participating in trends is fun, and at times, unavoidable.

    Even a trend I might not have liked right away, eventually starts to grow on me, the more I see people wearing it, the more I like it, and want to participate.

    I also don't dress to the idea that I want people to know how wealthy I am (which I'm not at all) but rather, how creative I am -- how I can make a look on a very small budget to rival that of the overpriced designer looks.

    I feel like there are two kinds of people; those who like to brag about how much they spent, and those who like to brag about how little.

    You know where I fall!

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