Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sex and the City Review

Ok, I was rooting so hard for this movie. Not only because I love all of the seasons or because I knew the clothing would be a vision orgasm, but also because every one of my friends who had seen the movie said it was "the best thing ever" and they needed to see it again. I am very careful about this because usually when I hear that and get pumped up for a movie, it thoroughly disappoints. I made sure that I did not have high expectations for this flick, that it would just be another episode, only longer. But even being so careful, I still was not impressed by the film. Yes the clothing made me cheer out loud, the wedding dresses yowza! and also laugh out loud, Charlotte :), but they tried to squeeze in too much. The film was drawn out longer than it should have been 2.25 hrs, and there were too many cliché moments with the most predictable ending. I am all for happy endings because that is the way it should be, but this was a chick-flick to the extreme. In the end everyone got everything they wanted with the exception of Samantha who, in a way, did get what she wanted as well, freedom. Don't get me wrong, I love the girls, Charlotte is a Goddess and I will definitely see the next movie if there ever is one, but once was enough for this movie. Even after watching this movie I still think that strong characters are still wonderful, still fabulous, and is still the best episode re-run to watch. I cannot get over the shoe buffet of Manolo's, Louboutin's, Choo's and the clothing overload from Vera, Vivienne, Dior ect which was dessert for the eye. I was in awe of the accessories throughout the entire movie. It was definitely a feast for the eyes.

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