Thursday, June 12, 2008

Don't Weigh Me Down

I was looking at the Chanel Spring/Summer collection again and when examining the shoes I just noticed the ankle purses! I don't know how I missed these before. Thinking of the practicality of the things, if you were seriously walking in high heels and had a bunch of change in your ankle shoe purse, wouldn't it cause you to wobble? One of your legs would be getting a work out and not the other! Although I do have to say that the look of them is very cute. Maybe just to carry a lip gloss :)

The concept reminds me of the new platform shoe made for strippers which has the "tip" money slot in the side so that people don't have to put the bills in the girls thongs anymore. Those would be practical for a place like the US where everything higher than a quarter is a bill, but in Canada we have all toonie and loonie and they get really heavy fast. If a dancer got too many toonie and loonies in one shoe she would be dragging herself around in circles! Not very sexy!


  1. oh my gosh, the red shoes with the little bag attached - not feeling them really!? but the massive shoes at the top of this post are coool! great blog! frrooom - x

  2. those stripper shoes are ridiculous!



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