Friday, June 27, 2008

Celebrity Hybrids

When I was younger I had this fun theory that many of the female celebrities were the same person, they just dressed differently. I came to this conclusion because of some pictures I have seen where you could easily mistake one person for the other. For example, this picture of Britney Spears reminds me an awful lot of Jennifer Lopez. Her facial tone and features look Latin for Pete's sake. I don't know if it was the airbrushing, the lighting or the fact that maybe all celebrities are cut from the same cloth but I don't think it was deliberate. When Britney's photos were taken years ago it wasn't like the current purposeful trend of hybrids like Christina Aguilera (love her!) who is obviously styling herself as a modern-day old Hollywood glamour star. She is a modern-day Marilyn (who died on my birthday, August 5, but in 1962) just look at the eye brow pencil mole emblazoned on her cheek.
My boyfriend has commented that I have a facial structure like Jessica Simpson when she has brown hair, and I swear he looks like Alan Tudyk, only a lot younger. Maybe the reason we all look so similar is because it is easier for us to travel so we are meeting and breeding with people we would not have been able to 100 years ago. We are mixing and becoming hybrids, an assimilated people. Maybe I am related to Jessica Simpson in more ways than just coincidental looks..although I can't sing to save my life.

Take a look at these celeb hybrids, they make for beautiful people:
Left: Scarlett Johanson and Marilyn Monroe
Center: Jessica Alba and Christina Aguilera
Right: Christina Aguilera and Marilyn Monroe

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