Monday, June 9, 2008

Vintage Virgin

Ok, so this Friday after my exam on Thursday (yuck) I am going vintage shopping for the very first time! I am extremely excited because I had no idea of the cute things that you can find in vintage shops. Since starting my blog last week I have been searching through a lot of the other fashion sites, which are amazing, and most of them feature vintage clothing. I have been completely inspired to go out, shop, and create my own unique looks. I have finally had the "ah ha" moment when seeing that you can look stylish and fashionable and not have to spend over $100 on a dress. And the plus side, by it being vintage, this means that there is a good chance no other person my age in the area would be wearing the same thing. Like today with my H&M shirt. Some sites I have been inspired by are fopsanddandias:



I love fashion, and these are the types of images that make me excited about vintage shopping! Although most of these are from shops in NYC, I'm sure I can find cute things here in Ottawa. Albet they won't be the huge name brands.


  1. Vintage shopping is the best!You get eco friendly one of a kind items!Ive been vintage shopping for a few years now and have amassed quite a lot of Vintage clothing. So much so that I can probably wear all vintage if I really wanted. Some pointers to look out for are size, condition of item (is the pricing worth the condition of the item) stains (as in sweat stains and other stains eugh!)and if you can wear it again and again. And for shoes Id wash them b4 wearing them and see if they are comfortable! x

  2. ahhh sorry for not linking, i totally meant to then forgot! thank you for that little collage you made of me, i'm so flattered.

    i hope you score something great on your first vintage trip. you're right, a definite plus is that no one else will be wearing what you get. good luck!

  3. having a good eye is all it takes! my mom and i go together all the time, she loves it when i find something for her and vice versa x

  4. awww there i am thanks cutie



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