Monday, June 16, 2008

Post Vintage Adventure

OK, so last Friday was the first time I have ever gone vintage shopping and it was a unique experience. I was right about the overwhelming amount of clothing that you must search through, so having a game plan was very helpful! On Friday night I went to one vintage shop which was renowned for its good quality well as its prices. I was looking for semi-cheap unique, not $79 for a dress. I didn't end up purchasing anything at Rag Time, but the stuff that they had was amazing. I almost bought this pair of red crocodile print heels, but I have such a high arch in my foot that there was no support, and I wouldn't be able to walk in them long. They were adorable though!

I was determined to find something this weekend, it was my goal. SO on Saturday I headed down to the Glebe area and visited the Antique Market. There was a mink shawl that I thought was precious for $24, but I didn't know if I would wear it considering winter is 4-5 months away and my style taste changes pretty quickly. Just wandering around the shops I came across a consignment shop, and within I found exactly what I was looking for! 2 awesome belts. Sorry, I should have worn something other than a black shirt so you could see the details.

I love the large buckle on the one on the left, and the crocodile print on the one on the right. Together they were a grand total of $14 which I think is pretty good. The belted waist has been in for quite a while now and I'm hoping it stays in for a while longer. For those of us with an hourglass figure, these are very flattering.
So for my first time, I didn't get a haul, but I wasn't expecting to. I am new at this and feeling my way. I think I did alright for my first attempt.

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