Friday, June 6, 2008

Catching a Trend...Achoo!

When certain trends come into style like the flapper dresses, big retro earrings or bag dresses we think "uh, that is one trend I am NOT going to concede to". But, as we are repeatedly bombarded by the images of these creations and the people who wear them, I have found that it is quite possible to accidentally, catch a trend. This has happened to me for 2 very memorable items. The new gladiator sandal and the new Ford Mustang.

When I first saw the gladiator sandal I thought, "OMG, those are hideous! why would anyone want a sandal that is so complicated to do up and goes all the way up your leg!" I swore that I would not give into this, but now catch myself thinking "oh, this would look good with a mini dress or shorts". I have even found myself searching for a pair on the net! It doesn't make sense! Some how the imagery of these shoes have made a favourable impression on me and actually changed my perception and attitude towards them. It is extremely difficult for advertising to change a negative attitude to a positive attitude, but the hype did it! I now think they are adorable.

A similar reaction happened when the new Ford Mustang came into production. I have always wanted a 1969 Mustang, but thought this new car was a rip off of the original and felt it was the worst choice Ford could have made. I even saw Marissa Cooper (from The O.C.), whose character and actress I despise, driving one which cemented my distaste for this car. But now it is one I plan on owning in the future! How does this happen? How does a product go from hideous to fabulous? I am guessing that a product that is sooo different (gladiator sandals) then what we are used to it takes a while for the product to sink in and become accepted. After seeing the sandals around I see that they can look good and they are not as crazy and outrageous as I thought. I wonder when Forever 21 will copy this sandal...

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