Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ruffle My Feather's

Ever since I happened upon a picture of a feather headband (not the one below) and belt the other day, I have become obsessed with hoping that feather accessories will be the new trend in this fall. I absolutely am in love with the look, although they would have to be faux feathers. The accessory below was found on Pluma .

There is something about the old world elegance that feathers have that attracts me to them. I would very much like to find something like this that is vintage, but new is fine by me. I have also been contemplating making some peacock or speckled hen inspired headbands because I usually cannot find the perfect accessory to match what is pictured in my head. And with feathers and a glue gun, I think it would be easy to make.

I am hoping that these appear this fall, but I've also been feeling short lady-like silk gloves. Ones that barely cover to the wrist on the top of the hand. I have been thinking about these since April and think they would be a great accessory as well.

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  1. Hey thanks for swapping links! And yes it is important for us artistes to stick together. And Belfast is in Northern Ireland lol and the weather is crap at the moment but it was sunny the other day! And I am in love with those feather head bands. You could buy some cheap feathers (fake probably though) from a craft shop and a cheap Alice band and attach them with a glue stick. Although real feathers would be well cool!! xx



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