Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh Stacy, Won't You Be My Friend?

This fashion vixen is the Jewish and outrageously sarcastic half of the amazing duo that hosts the TLC show What Not To Wear. As well as hosting her own late night show called Fashionably Late with Stacy London. If you don't know who she is, then 'Hello', you need to watch the show. Her witty banter with Clinton, catch phrases and down right rude sarcasm to her guests has made the show very popular. It is the same thing week after week, but I can't get enough of it. I even watch the marathons some Sundays! If you are new to the show, it goes something like this: surprise unsuspecting fashion victim, give them $5,000, throw out there wardrobe, go shopping, cut hair and then the big reveal. I love that some of the stores Stacy and Clinton send guests to include H&M and Costa Blanca. These locations are inexpensive to the average consumer, if you don't have Stacy's salary, and we see that really nice inexpensive pieces can really tie an outfit together.
I have asked my roomates to nominate me for the show, but I cannot commit to wearing hideous clothing from that point on. This is necessary because you never know when they are going to be filming you. Stacy has had a career worthy of envy and the talent to match. Her resume includes being a stylist to the stars, a TV host, senior editor of Mademoiselle and fashion assistant at Conde Nast. I love her because she dishes a big serving of this 'take nothing from nobody' attitude with a side of 'oh no you didn'. It is the kind of personality one needs to be successful in business. I love her too because, like me, she has an addiction to shoes and she owns over 400 pairs, 'Shut up!'

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  1. Ohhh me too :s...The she adiction never ends...check my blog...haha..I even do single postin on pairs that I covet ;S....



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