Thursday, June 19, 2008

What Fashion is to Me

To me, fashion is not just about getting up in the morning and throwing on clothes for the day. It is a process of picking individual items that are unique and that I think reflect me as a person. When I dress, I usually dress by the mood I'm in. I like clothes that I am wearing to be an unspoken statement to those around me about the type of person I am or how I am feeling that day. But I always try to make sure that I am wearing at least one piece that makes me feel amazing, that way my confidence lasts all day. Why wear something you are not comfortable in? I think how you feel in your clothes is correlated with your mood. If I don't feel comfortable in something I'm wearing I am more reserved and hermit-like.

I cannot say I have a strict style per say, because my mood and tastes are always changing. I have office me, that wears corporate clothing to work, outing me who wears chic clothes and lazy me, who wears comfy cute things. There are more sides to my personal style, but I think those are the main three. If I could wear masquerade clothing and get all dolled up with feathers, fake lashes, and paint everyday I would, but that is not acceptable where I work and live. My outlet for this interest will be in fashion design and hopefully costume design as well.

I think it is good to look around and gather style inspirations from many different sources, just do not copy someone else's style, take ideas but make it your own. I look to Nicole Ritchie, Victoria Beckham, Rachel Bilson, and the current Ashley Simpson for some of my ideas. And I also think it is important to take chances with style, yes not all current trends work with all body types, but we can take pieces and incorporate them into what does look good on us. I am not a computer of internet wiz, but I am going to try to post pictures of my style in a seperate section not on the main page.


  1. I have to say I totally agree with you're opinions on fashion! I like to wear something that is out there or different-I hate looking the same all the time!Im from a small town and therefore kind of small minded and if youre different youre percieved as weird! And also you're tagged!!



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