Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You Can't Please Everyone, So Wear What You Want!

No matter what we do or how we dress, there are always going to be some people who disapprove of our style. There is no universal consensus on what is 'in fashion' and what is not. You can see differences in fashion between countries as well as between cultures that are within the same country. So if there is always going to be someone somewhere that disagrees with what you are wearing, no matter what you wear, why not wear whatever you want? If people didn't mix the styles up and toss the rules, we would not have so many ideas to grow from season to season which is what gives us variety and keeps things interesting. It is often those that rebel against the fashion scene and society that initiate trends that go mainstream (e.g. Converses, Hush Puppies, Vegetarianism).
But there is a confidence that comes with dressing the way you want to dress, especially if it is different than that worn by the masses. In my experience I have found that if I was criticized for wearing something that was 'in style', it hurt more than if I was criticized for wearing something I had put together myself. I think this was because I was looking for acceptance through my clothing. By being rejected in something that should have been acceptable to my classmates, this made me feel like it didn't matter what I wore, those girls wouldn't accept me. Alternately, by wearing something that I thought looked good, negative comments didn't perturb me as much because I liked what I was wearing, I wasn't trying to impress anyone. And that I think is the difference. If you believe in and feel good about what you are wearing, even if it is a potatoe sack, other people's oppinions don't matter. It gives you a sensibility not to take negative comments to heart.
More lately than ever, my eyes have been drawn to people who dress differently. I do not judge, I just admire the adventurous nature and creativity of people in big cities. I have found that Toronto is a feast for the eyes. I could sit in a coffee shop and watch people walk by all day while getting inspiration to sketch. I find my eyes drawn a lot to goths and lolita's, especially there hair. If I was not in a corporate climate, I would probably have the fuchsia hair I had in high school. I admire people for there confidence to express themselves so individualistically. They are able to represent themselves in a way that they feel reflects there inner nature and, although I'm sure they get many negative comments, it is who they are and they dress accordingly no matter what. I really feel that those 'different' people are what make things interesting and inspire new ideas.
Just something I have learned over my few years of highschool, if people don't accept you in the clothes you wear, then they are not worth your energy. You can't please everyone, so just please the only person that really matters, you.

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  1. thank you so much for your great advice! im not sure exactly what i'd like to do, but its really my dream to work for a magazine. next year my school is offering a Fashion class which I am taking, and my senior year I am going to take journalism.
    what do you plan to do with your marketing degree?
    great blog! i agree that confidence is key! thanks for adding me to your blog role, I'll add you too!



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