Monday, June 23, 2008

Shopping Heaven

I went home this weekend to spend 2 days with my parents and my brother who came down from Toronto. On Saturday on our way to supper we passed by this elderly ladies house on our street who seemed to be packing up her garage sale. I told mom that we would have to visit on Sunday! So, Sunday at 11 we headed down the road and saw a swarm of cars and people dragging stuff out by the arm load and going back for more. When we walked up the drive, a woman handed us a plastic bag and said that her mom had passed away and everything was free, so take whatever we liked. I couldn't believe it.
I had mixed emotions about the situation. I was excited for free things, but sad that this was everything that that soul owned and now it was being swarmed over and picked apart by strangers looking for bargains or something worth money. I was also extremely saddened for the family who had to watch these strangers pick there mothers life apart. Everything that was once hers and meant something was now gone and all that was left of her were memories. Like pulling your hand out of a bucket of water, life just proceeds on without you.
Everything from her iron to furniture to nighties were out for the taking. Admiring her for years I wanted something, something that had meant something to her. I wanted to honour her or do her justice by taking something that I really liked and would cherish just as much as she did.
I know most of you like vintage shopping and this would have been a haven for you! There were shoes, clothes, hats, scarves all free. I ended up with a few things. An awesome vintage 70's upholstered chair which I am extremely excited about, a vintage 70's bed throw, 3 silk scarves and a 70's coffee cup.
So here is to her memory, I will use and love that chair for years to come, and think of her everytime I see it.
Won't be home till next weekend, so will not be able to post a picture of the chair until then.

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