Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tiny Treasures

They're tiny, shiny and oh so precious! In the latest issue of Vogue magazine I recently stumbled upon shell purses that are made in the Philippines. Although I thought immediately "I must have this!" I was disappointed that such a small treasure was worth a fortune, $880. Well, to a student this is a fortune.
I was searching Ebay and Google for these purses on sale and came across this site which sells shell and other unique jewelery inexpensively. The two shell purses shown here are both $2.20 plus shipping, but, there is a minimum order required.

I have yet to order one but was so happy when I found this site which made me search for other inexpensive purses. As soon as I came across this one below, I again thought to myself "I have to have this!" but once again I was confronted with a hefty price tag of $600. Ah well, I guess I will just have to keep looking for little jems like these that are within a students budget.

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