Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Welcome to the Masquerade

Runway shows are beautiful masquerades full of unrealistic clothing that are semi impossible to wear in normal life. Unless you are Victoria Beckham I suppose (whose style I adore by the way). New York Fashion Week, which was initially called Press Week, was started in 1943 by PR maven Eleanor Lambert. Since its humble beginnings with ready to wear designers, the runway has only gotten more spectacular and become THE event where people come once a season to be entertained. It is a time where designers can flex there creative muscles and has become less and less about the clothes, but more about the entertainment value and shock factor. These events are a showcase of a designers creativity not just within the boundaries of clothing, but encompassing the ambiance and feeling of the entire collection through the sets creative elements. The designers' visions for there collections are conveyed through atmospherics such as runways, lighting, music and props. They give us a peek at the dreamscapes and nightmares that inspire there collections.

Designers are constantly pushing the envelop with sky high heels that are difficult to walk in, and runways that are almost impossible in the shoes.

With Alexander McQueen's shoes to the left and Dior to the right, it is taking modeling from career to sport with the steady increase of job related injuries. From the simple requirement of being able to squeeze your feet into tiny shoes, modelling has become a career that requires skill. Balance, concentration and endurance are needed to be able to walk in these shoes and awkward garments while looking poised and graceful.

The scene on the runway is not one for the practical consumer. Unless the collection is labelled Ready to Wear, the clothing on the catwalk will not be the same as what is sold in boutiques. Shows are an opportunity for designers to let there crazy imaginations run wild and then, apart from that, there is the practical element of toned down sellable clothing. Not all designer shows are Galliano or McQueen but they are appreciated for there wearability and beautiful craftmanship.

As designers continue to dazzle us with there designs and take there creativity to new heights(literally), we can only expect a continuation down this path as designers try to out do themselves season after season. I'm looking forward to next season wondering what new extremes these individuals will dream-up next.

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  1. i'm not sure of the heels are dazzling me, they kinda freak me out! i guess they're genius in the way that they're a new take on heels... but some are just wayyy outrageous!



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